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Israel has to deter attacks and protect its citizens.

I have spoken on this subject many times. Israel must respond each time, to an attack on its soil, regardless of whether the attack killed someone or not. Otherwise the rockets will continue, and will kill people the next time. … Continue reading

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Palestinian murderers deserve the death penalty.

In particular the two Palestinians who brutally killed 5 members of the Fogel family, including 3 defenceless children in their beds. Where is the deterrence factor? The Palestinian Authority will pay them a wage for everyday they are in jail, … Continue reading

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Norway and hypocrisy

Shechita, Jewish ritual slaughter, has been banned in Norway since 1929, which predates the similar ban by Nazi Germany. The ban is justified on the grounds of animal welfare, however hunting, including whaling by harpoon, is allowed, despite animal welfare … Continue reading

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Iran presses UK to show restraint with demonstrators.

I woke up this morning to read the above heading, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. The rioting in the UK is disturbing for the damage that is being caused, but where Iran has the cheek to comment, … Continue reading

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Iran nuclear armed – fait accompli?

Has the whole world already assumed Iran will develop nuclear weapons and there is no way of stopping them now? I read a very detailed article in an international newspaper written by persons with vast knowledge of the Iranian nuclear programme. The crux of the story … Continue reading

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Former Israeli diplomats in Washington: 1967 borders are defensible – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

I am sick of Israelies putting our security at risk, running overseas and going against Israel’s security positions. I would love to put them on trial for treason. 1967 borders are not defensible and anybody who thinks otherwise is a … Continue reading

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Britain rules out military intervention in Syria

Britain has lost its nerve, or is blinded by economic greed? Had no problem in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. 1600 killed already and counting. How many need to get murdered before the world will really stand up and help. Assads … Continue reading

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