Syria another 11 killed by Government forces

The death toll is well over 1400 men, woman and children.
Where are all the human rights activists when they are really needed?
Where are all the Arab Members of Knesset, when they are needed to stand up and shout for their fellow Arabs?
Where are the flotillas heading to Syria?
Where are the United Nations resolutions condemning Assad?
Where are the protest demonstrations?
Where are the calls for boycotts?
Where are the University lectures?
The silence is deafening!

All these hypocrites are so focused against the Jewish state, that they turn a blind eye to all other suffering and death in the world.
I beg all of you above turn your attention to your fellow human beings for a moment, and help them in their struggle not to be mowed down by bullets, and tortured by Syrian government forces.
I guarantee you, Israel will not run away, and you can continue your obsession with us later.

Tanks deployed in Homs where five are killed overnight; six shot in Damascus suburb of Mleeha; police, militia beat Kurdish protesters.

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