Iran nuclear armed – fait accompli?

Has the whole world already assumed Iran will develop nuclear weapons and there is no way of stopping them now?

I read a very detailed article in an international newspaper written by persons with vast knowledge of the Iranian nuclear programme.

The crux of the story was, how Israel now has to, take into consideration,

 “A Nuclear Armed Iran”, in the following way;

1.Strengthen its plans for ballistic missile defense.

2.Develop a second strike nuclear force, to inflict assured destruction against enemy cities.

The sentence that concerned me most in the article was,

“In the past, a nuclear armed Iran could still have been prevented.”

I argue, we still have, limited time, to prevent Iran from being nuclear armed.

The effort will need to be immense and concentrated in a very short period of time, before it really is too late.

I suggest this effort will be well worth trying.

The cost of admitting defeat now, is definitely a nuclear armed Iran, which in this case we would need to consider the following;

To deal with this, Isreel would need an unviable massive increase in military spending to keep the upper hand deterrance against Iran, a cost Israel cannot afford.  As wittnessed by the 300,000 demonstrating in the streets for more spending on social issues, at the obvious expense of the current military budget, without even taking into consideration the huge increase we would need to counter a nuclear armed Iran.

A nuclear armed Iran would lead to a nuclear arms race, with other Arab countries who are also concerned by Irans dominance in the region and would naturally want to protect their own positions in the Arab world.

A real threat of extremists or terrorists getting their hands on nuclear material for a radioactive dirty bomb released in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Also the increase boldness of Iran and their support of terrorism around the world, and knowing full well Israel and the world would be reluctant to take on a nuclear armed Iran.

Due to Iran’s irrational behaviour, the increased chance of them actually using a nuclear weapon against Israel is a real possibility.

So I definitely suggest not to assume Iran cannot be stopped. We must not allow ourselves to admit defeat as the result of this makes a second holocaust a real possibility. 

We would never forgive ourselves for not doing everything in our power to stop this, regardless of how small our chances of success are, we know from our history how large the danger is of not acting.

Richard Wittman is Australian born and is Director of Strategic Development,

for the Knesset Forum on International Relations.

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