Iran presses UK to show restraint with demonstrators.

I woke up this morning to read the above heading, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The rioting in the UK is disturbing for the damage that is being caused, but where Iran has the cheek to comment, and wanting to send a delegation to investigate is beyond my comprehension.

Iran has one of the worst human relations records, in the world including;

Torture, rape, and execution of thousands of political prisoners

Punishment including the death penalty for many offences including homosexuality, lesbianism, and even drinking alcohol.

Punishment including flogging and amputations for theft.

Torture in prisons includes;

Whipping, twisting of arms till they break, crushing of hands, insertion of sharp objects under the fingernails and genital mutilation.

Widespread raping of women arrested for political protest

The world does nothing to stop them, and continues to do business as usual.

No wonder the Iranians have the cheek to want to send a delegation to the UK to investigate the death of one man that caused the riots in the UK.

The world is showing such weakness, that Iran is taking full advantage of it.

Wait till Iran is nuclear armed and see how they start to not just humiliate us but actually threaten us with nuclear weapons if we don’t “behave”.

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