Norway and hypocrisy

Shechita, Jewish ritual slaughter, has been banned in Norway since 1929, which predates the similar ban by Nazi Germany. The ban is justified on the grounds of animal welfare, however hunting, including whaling by harpoon, is allowed, despite animal welfare concerns.

Norway seems to have a big problem with Shechita, even though after their collaboration with the Nazi’s rounding up of their Jews, and the deporting of their Jews for death in the gas chambers, (they had no problem with that,) there are only around 1500 Jews left in Norway.

They have no problem torturing whales before they kill them.

Whalers launch grenade tipped harpoons that pierce the whale’s bodies, and then detonate internally.

But the first blast doesn’t kill the poor whales, and whalers have to finish the job with other grenades or rifles, the whales sometimes take up to half an hour to die, an agonizing death.

Other times they hoist still live whales up the side of their huge ships by the tail, leaving the whale’s blowhole under water. The whale thrashes against the side of the ship, desperate for air, until it slowly and painfully drowns.

Norway if it really cares about animal welfare should ban whaling, but unfortunately they never will.

Suggestions most welcome.

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