Palestinian murderers deserve the death penalty.

In particular the two Palestinians who brutally killed 5 members of the Fogel family, including 3 defenceless children in their beds.

Where is the deterrence factor?

The Palestinian Authority will pay them a wage for everyday they are in jail, a salary of over $3,400 a month each, plus benefits for their families.

This compensation for murder comes from the American taxpayers, as the Palestinian budget is mostly supported by U.S aid.

Why the U.S Government continues to support the Palestinian Authority’s budget, when they pay wages to murderers is beyond my comprehension.

The risk of keeping these animals in jail could also lead to another soldier being kidnapped and used as a hostage for the release of these animals and others.

We have released many terrorists and murderers in return for kidnapped soldiers, just one of hundreds of examples, that I have taken a personal interest in, is Samir Kuntar,
a terrorist, (treated like a hero by the Lebanese when released by Israel, in another prisoner swap for captured Israeli soldiers) after the brutal murders of 4 Israelis, one being a 4 year old little girl, who he murdered by smashing her head with his rifle butt and a rock, and caused the death of a baby when the Mother who was hiding her and trying to keep her quiet accidentally suffocated her baby.
When will the government of Israel finally legislate for the death penalty for cold blooded pre meditated murderers of innocent people and especially children?
It is time Israel says enough is enough, and protects its citizens.

May justice finally be served.

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