Israel has to deter attacks and protect its citizens.

I have spoken on this subject many times.

Israel must respond each time, to an attack on its soil, regardless of whether the attack killed someone or not.

Otherwise the rockets will continue, and will kill people the next time.

The justice system around the world is designed not only to punish those who commit a crime, but punish those who attempt to commit a crime, and is to deter these people and others from committing crimes in the future, knowing there is a price to pay.

Israel is showing such weakness, that it is inviting the attacks to continue.

Israel is so afraid of world opinion that it is scared to react to attempted murder and only acts when there has been a murder, and even then in a very measured response. This keeps the world happy, but not the next victims, as it will not stop the next attempts.

Israel needs to improve its public relations, not to kneel down, but to tell the world “we will not allow our people to be murdered” and we will do everything we consider necessary to stop it once and for all, and if they do continue we will hit them harder still, till they do stop.

There are many examples around the world; here is one of them,

The horrific September 11 attacks killed nearly 3000 innocent people, in return the ongoing response in Afghanistan has killed or captured 38,000 Taliban and insurgents, and killed up to 34,000 civilians.

I don’t like to put ratios on human lives but nearly 3,000 killed in the U.S. in comparison to over 60,000 killed in Afghanistan and continuing. (A multiplication of 20)

If Israel acted with the same response in response to the current murders of 8 innocent Israelis, instead of just targeting around 8 terrorists we should have eliminated 160 of them.

You will notice that Al Qaeda has not flown more planes into U.S buildings.

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