The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The first two are personal.

The Good, Lets start with some with some people close to home, I have a team of incredible staff back in Australia headed by the wonderful Sharon, (who has had some serious health issues of late, and was taken to the hospital emergency section, some times by ambulance, but on the same evening does some work from her sick bed)  who are running my business so well that I can leave the business in their hands completely and do my volunteer work in Israel full time. The trust in them is complete, (and I by nature and bad experiences am paranoid.)
My Mother and her husband Reg, who at the drop of a hat are ready to catch a 2 hour flight to Melbourne and stay as long as required to help any way they can. 

Now for the bad, politicians in particular, who go overseas and cause harm to our nation, in the old days politics would stay in Israel, and went they went overseas they would represent Israel, and be our ambassadors. How this has changed.
Now for the ugly, the visitors to the beautiful beaches here, who have a wonderful day enjoying the sun and sea, and when they leave, purposely leave all their days rubbish on the sand. I am talking about piles and piles of rubbish. I feel like picking up the rubbish following them home and returning it to them with a note saying you forgot your stuff.

Teach your children to pick up after themselves, in Australia, I havent gone to a beach where there is any rubbish on the beach, you would be hard pressed to even find a cigarette butt left behind.  Teach your children RESPECT. It is sorely lacking, we have been given this land, dont abuse it.

PS If you see me at your door one day with a big bag of rubbish, dont say I didn’t warn you.

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