The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The first two are personal.

The Good, Lets start with some with some people close to home, I have a team of incredible staff back in Australia headed by the wonderful Sharon, (who has had some serious health issues of late, and was taken to the hospital emergency section, some times by ambulance, but on the same evening does some work from her sick bed)  who are running my business so well that I can leave the business in their hands completely and do my volunteer work in Israel full time. The trust in them is complete, (and I by nature and bad experiences am paranoid.)
My Mother and her husband Reg, who at the drop of a hat are ready to catch a 2 hour flight to Melbourne and stay as long as required to help any way they can. 

Now for the bad, politicians in particular, who go overseas and cause harm to our nation, in the old days politics would stay in Israel, and went they went overseas they would represent Israel, and be our ambassadors. How this has changed.
Now for the ugly, the visitors to the beautiful beaches here, who have a wonderful day enjoying the sun and sea, and when they leave, purposely leave all their days rubbish on the sand. I am talking about piles and piles of rubbish. I feel like picking up the rubbish following them home and returning it to them with a note saying you forgot your stuff.

Teach your children to pick up after themselves, in Australia, I havent gone to a beach where there is any rubbish on the beach, you would be hard pressed to even find a cigarette butt left behind.  Teach your children RESPECT. It is sorely lacking, we have been given this land, dont abuse it.

PS If you see me at your door one day with a big bag of rubbish, dont say I didn’t warn you.

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Rabbinical students in the U.S have proposed to incorporate the enemies fallen in our memorial day.

Have we gone mad?

Memorial Day in Israel is a day of reflection and thought, a day in which life stops in order for us to look around and remember.

Remember the fallen, and not the ones who attacked us and our loved ones
Some possible suggestions to please them.
Yad Vashem, our memorial for the 6 million holocaust victims, should include a wing for the Nazi’s, lets start with the SS guards who found themselves without their  jobs  they enjoyed leading the Jews to the gas chambers when they reached 6 million murdered, when the war ended. Did Israel help them to find other jobs? How about the so called Nazi doctors who did research and testing by cutting open and operating on live Jews without anaesthesia, that we wouldn’t even do on laboratory rats. Did we offer Mengele and his staff jobs in Israeli medical research labs after the war?
On the day Hitler finally left this Earth should we remember him and say a few prayers as he didn’t quite finish his job of killing every last Jew on Earth. (but he did get awfully close.)
Should we also remember the suicide bombers in Israel who blew themselves up on crowded buses, restaurants, markets etc. Killing and mutilating and destroying the lives of thousands of innoescent people on their day to day activities. Did we make sure the family of the bombers got refunded for the bus ticket as they decided to cut their journey short to the paid destination? What prayers do theses students think we should say for these  murderers?

Every day I am more and more shocked by the stupidness of our own people, and we were known as the clever race.

via Remember the fallen and what they die… JPost – Opinion – Op-Eds.

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Iran speeding up to being a nuclear threat to the World

Iranian nuclear weapon capability gets closer with new centrifuges. Is any country taking this seriously? Or just waiting for the most horrific Middle East war?
Iran has the second largest reserves of conventional crude oil in the World.
Over 100 years worth of production.
So there is no reason for them to put so much effort and money into producing nuclear energy.
There is only one reason and that is to produce nuclear weapons.
They have made no secret of their desire to wipe Israel off the map.
If the world does not stop this, G-d help us all.

Foreign Ministry in Tehran confirms earlier reports that Iran was installing more advanced centrifuges at large-scale testing site.

via Iran says it\’s installing new nu… JPost – Iranian Threat – News.

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IDF doesnt view rocket attacks as real escalation

Intelligence estimates that Hamas, Islamic Jihad have more than 10,000 rockets, missiles and a large stockpile that can reach Tel Aviv.

If our military leaders and, or political leaders refuse to take action to protect us, they should be replaced.

Our citizens must be protected.

We cant wait for deaths till we act, as then it is too late.

via IDF doesnt view rocket attacks as real escala… JPost – Defense.

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Iranian nuclear threat

Time is ticking away on the Iranian march to producing nuclear weapons.
Israel has dropped the ball on lobbying the world to increase pressure and real sanctions that will force Iran to stop its dangerous path.
Israel can not allow a nuclear armed Iran.
So there are 3 choices.
1. Increase the pressure on the world to stop the Iranians once and for all.
2. Attack the nuclear plants like we did in Iraq and more recently in Syria.
3. Wait for the Iranians to develop nuclear weapons and start a nuclear arms race in the Middle East with Saudia Arabia, then Egypt, and others to follow.
Then one country or terrorists with access to the weapons will use one and use it on Israel with unimagineable casualties, the second and final holocaust.
I recommend the first option.

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Syrian forces kill 32 yesterday

Over 1400 Syrians killed in 3 months.
Please explain to me why the world is taking no action against the Syrian government
Where are all the people demonstrating in the capitals of the world?
Where are the University protesters?
Where are the people organizing boycotts?
Where is the Arab League?
Where is the security Council?
If Israel is not invoved the World is not interested
This shows the true face of the demonstrators against Israel.
They are simply not interested in human rights.
They demonstrate pure and simply against Israel and by doing so they are allowing huge attrocities to go unnoticed and allow these killings of people who just want their freedom to continue.

The last major crackdown on Syrian protesters ended with 30,000 murdered, it continued till the protesters ran out of people to put their lives in the firing line of the Syrian soldiers bullets.
The world must wake up and stop playing cheap politics and protect all people now!

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Gantz meets with military brass to assess Gaza

After 5 Kassam rockets fired from Strip, IDF confirms strikes carried out against Gaza targets; IDF blames Hamas for failure to stop rockets.

via Gantz meets with military brass to assess Gaza… JPost – Defense.

Time to stop talking and hit them hard so they will stop once and for all. Destroying a couple of smuggling tunnels is not deterrance.

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Sharon should have hit Gaza when…

US was ready to back fierce Israeli response, Kurtzer Ex-envoy said

 via \’Sharon should have hit Gaza when… JPost – Diplomacy.

This is what I have been saying non stop from the day we left Gaza.
For ANY rocket that lands in Israel, we must respond in such a fierce way that they will never even dream about doing it again. We have evey right to protect our citizens and our country. We are showing weakness to them and they are taking advantage of it.
Time for our leaders to act decisively!

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Wittman family Sefer Torah

Yesterday my brother donated the Sefer Torah, left to him by our late Father, Mr. George Wittman, to the army base near Itamar. Our father was born in Hungary into a large family, in the area of Gyor.
They were a successful family exporting trainloads of food around Europe. The same train lines that took most of his family and 6 millions other Jews to their deaths in concentration camps. The horrific experiences and memories like the tattoo with an ID number the Nazis used to number their victims scarred him forever. Not a day went by without his past not affecting him. But he kept his belief in the religion throughout and had carried a very small Tefillin even in the forced Nazi work camps. He eventually arrived penniless as a refugee to Australa and worked non stop to rebuild a life. He fathered 4 sons. Two live in Australia, and two in Israel who recently made Aliya, myself being one of them. his love of Israel was immense and he and my Mother lived in Israel twice and had both worked tirelessly voluntarily on many projects for Israel and donated happily to many causes for Israel. Which brings me to the Torah he willed to my brother. My brother even though finding it hard to raise a family in Israel, with the high rents and difficult job market for one who is new to Israel decided to donate the Torah. He chose to give it to the Army in order to, maybe like our father who carried his Tefillin throughout those dreadful holocaust years, to protect us.
Now for the suprise. The Torah’s new home is 5 minutes drive from the site of the horrific murders of the Fogel family only around 2 months ago. The decision to donate the Torah to the army base was made around 1 year ago. I was asked by the base Rabbi if I would like to go on a quick tour of the area, and naturally said yes as it was my first visit to the area.

My brother and I had no idea the settlement Itamar was right there, virtually walking distance. I saw the sign Itamar and was shocked. The masssacre was one of the most gruesome you can imagine of a family sleeping in their home. I believe it is more than just coincidence the Torah is there, I feel happy it is there, maybe it will be of comfort to the souls of the family. The massacre haunts me, and you will also see by maybe more than coincidence I wrote on my facebook page about the massacre just after the event, my article on the massacre is the next one under this one, it was not written in this order and just was pasted randomly from my facebook page and ended up next to each other. Then about 2 months later I am bought to the exact area because my brother had decided a year before to donate the Torah to the Army

 May the Torah bring peace and comfort to all.

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Fogel Family massacred in their home.

Hard to convey my feelings, the massacre of the Fogel family including 3 children.

I believe in the need to consider the death penalty or at the very least life imprisonment with hard labour and solitary confinement with no chance under any circumstances of release for animals that can commit such a crime. Why should we pay to feed them and enjoy the company of other inmates playing soccer, playing cards watching movies, mobile phone calls, family visits even University courses and degrees,  these are some of the benefits that have been given to murderers.

Not only that you have the risk of another poor Israeli soldier being kidnapped in order to be used as a bargaining chip in return for these animals. In this regard see Samir Kuntar, for another example of many that were released.

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