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The Israeli justice system gave these terrorists a more than fair trial, and their sentences, while not commensurate with their crimes nevertheless constituted some measure of justice.

via The heavy cost of goodwill measures | JPost | Israel News.

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Vatican once again aids those wishing to eliminate the Jews

EXPOSE: The Vatican is Cozyng Up to Iran’s Ahmadinejad – Op-Eds – Israel National News.

The Vatican is building a very strong friendship with the Iranian regime.

In opposition to the United Nations sanctions on Iran, to stop them from developing nuclear weapons, and their often stated desire to eliminate Israel.

During Ahmadinejad’s rant against the Jews in the United Nations, all the European delegates left the conference room, the Vatican delegation stayed.

The Vatican sent a representative to out of all places, Iran to attend a conference against terrorism, never minding that Iran is the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world.

This is so surprising especially since Iran is one of the worst persecutors of Christians in the world

Iran has recently sentenced an Iranian Christian to execution for not converting back to the Muslim religion.

The Vatican’s record in regard to the Jews is horrific, an example, one of thousands below;

The Vatican did not publicly speak out against the murder of the Jews during the Holocaust, leading to the deaths of 6 million men, women and children.

Being the most influential religious organization in Europe and not to speak out, I view it as also responsible for the 6 million murders.

A religious organization that can stand by and watch the murder of 6 million people, without a single clear public statement opposing it, loses ALL credibility for that religion.

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Yom Kippur War Ceremony -Disgrace

Ministers a No-Show at Yom Kippur War Ceremony – Defense/Security – News – Israel National News.

What a disgrace, the biggest number of cabinet ministers and vice ministers in the history of the Knesset, 39 of them, and out of 39, only one bothered to attend the Memorial services!

2,700 young Israeli soldiers gave their lives for the State of Israel, in the Yom Kippur war, and only 1 Minister attended the ceremony in Jerusalem, and at the other ceremony in Tel Aviv no Ministers showed up at all.

The excuse by some Ministers was a cabinet debate on budget issues,

This is incredibly insulting to the families of the fallen soldiers, and also a sign of how far our morals, respect and care factor has sunk to in this country.

On behalf of Israel, I appologize and share in the grief.



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‘Islamophobia’ Defense Succeeds for Shooter of Aussie Cop

‘Islamophobia’ Defense Succeeds for Shooter of Aussie Cop.

Is it now legal to shoot at police?
Many judges in Israel, and now in Ausralia, seem to live in a diferent world to the rest of us.
Because of continuous questionable judgements I read about, maybe the time has come to change the system of appointing judges, and the length of term they can serve. Some seem to have lost all sense of reality.
I also believe the community needs to look at bringing in the ability to dismiss them when their judgements are so far out from community expectations.

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Israel has to deter attacks and protect its citizens.

I have spoken on this subject many times.

Israel must respond each time, to an attack on its soil, regardless of whether the attack killed someone or not.

Otherwise the rockets will continue, and will kill people the next time.

The justice system around the world is designed not only to punish those who commit a crime, but punish those who attempt to commit a crime, and is to deter these people and others from committing crimes in the future, knowing there is a price to pay.

Israel is showing such weakness, that it is inviting the attacks to continue.

Israel is so afraid of world opinion that it is scared to react to attempted murder and only acts when there has been a murder, and even then in a very measured response. This keeps the world happy, but not the next victims, as it will not stop the next attempts.

Israel needs to improve its public relations, not to kneel down, but to tell the world “we will not allow our people to be murdered” and we will do everything we consider necessary to stop it once and for all, and if they do continue we will hit them harder still, till they do stop.

There are many examples around the world; here is one of them,

The horrific September 11 attacks killed nearly 3000 innocent people, in return the ongoing response in Afghanistan has killed or captured 38,000 Taliban and insurgents, and killed up to 34,000 civilians.

I don’t like to put ratios on human lives but nearly 3,000 killed in the U.S. in comparison to over 60,000 killed in Afghanistan and continuing. (A multiplication of 20)

If Israel acted with the same response in response to the current murders of 8 innocent Israelis, instead of just targeting around 8 terrorists we should have eliminated 160 of them.

You will notice that Al Qaeda has not flown more planes into U.S buildings.

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Palestinian murderers deserve the death penalty.

In particular the two Palestinians who brutally killed 5 members of the Fogel family, including 3 defenceless children in their beds.

Where is the deterrence factor?

The Palestinian Authority will pay them a wage for everyday they are in jail, a salary of over $3,400 a month each, plus benefits for their families.

This compensation for murder comes from the American taxpayers, as the Palestinian budget is mostly supported by U.S aid.

Why the U.S Government continues to support the Palestinian Authority’s budget, when they pay wages to murderers is beyond my comprehension.

The risk of keeping these animals in jail could also lead to another soldier being kidnapped and used as a hostage for the release of these animals and others.

We have released many terrorists and murderers in return for kidnapped soldiers, just one of hundreds of examples, that I have taken a personal interest in, is Samir Kuntar,
a terrorist, (treated like a hero by the Lebanese when released by Israel, in another prisoner swap for captured Israeli soldiers) after the brutal murders of 4 Israelis, one being a 4 year old little girl, who he murdered by smashing her head with his rifle butt and a rock, and caused the death of a baby when the Mother who was hiding her and trying to keep her quiet accidentally suffocated her baby.
When will the government of Israel finally legislate for the death penalty for cold blooded pre meditated murderers of innocent people and especially children?
It is time Israel says enough is enough, and protects its citizens.

May justice finally be served.

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Norway and hypocrisy

Shechita, Jewish ritual slaughter, has been banned in Norway since 1929, which predates the similar ban by Nazi Germany. The ban is justified on the grounds of animal welfare, however hunting, including whaling by harpoon, is allowed, despite animal welfare concerns.

Norway seems to have a big problem with Shechita, even though after their collaboration with the Nazi’s rounding up of their Jews, and the deporting of their Jews for death in the gas chambers, (they had no problem with that,) there are only around 1500 Jews left in Norway.

They have no problem torturing whales before they kill them.

Whalers launch grenade tipped harpoons that pierce the whale’s bodies, and then detonate internally.

But the first blast doesn’t kill the poor whales, and whalers have to finish the job with other grenades or rifles, the whales sometimes take up to half an hour to die, an agonizing death.

Other times they hoist still live whales up the side of their huge ships by the tail, leaving the whale’s blowhole under water. The whale thrashes against the side of the ship, desperate for air, until it slowly and painfully drowns.

Norway if it really cares about animal welfare should ban whaling, but unfortunately they never will.

Suggestions most welcome.

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Iran presses UK to show restraint with demonstrators.

I woke up this morning to read the above heading, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The rioting in the UK is disturbing for the damage that is being caused, but where Iran has the cheek to comment, and wanting to send a delegation to investigate is beyond my comprehension.

Iran has one of the worst human relations records, in the world including;

Torture, rape, and execution of thousands of political prisoners

Punishment including the death penalty for many offences including homosexuality, lesbianism, and even drinking alcohol.

Punishment including flogging and amputations for theft.

Torture in prisons includes;

Whipping, twisting of arms till they break, crushing of hands, insertion of sharp objects under the fingernails and genital mutilation.

Widespread raping of women arrested for political protest

The world does nothing to stop them, and continues to do business as usual.

No wonder the Iranians have the cheek to want to send a delegation to the UK to investigate the death of one man that caused the riots in the UK.

The world is showing such weakness, that Iran is taking full advantage of it.

Wait till Iran is nuclear armed and see how they start to not just humiliate us but actually threaten us with nuclear weapons if we don’t “behave”.

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Iran nuclear armed – fait accompli?

Has the whole world already assumed Iran will develop nuclear weapons and there is no way of stopping them now?

I read a very detailed article in an international newspaper written by persons with vast knowledge of the Iranian nuclear programme.

The crux of the story was, how Israel now has to, take into consideration,

 “A Nuclear Armed Iran”, in the following way;

1.Strengthen its plans for ballistic missile defense.

2.Develop a second strike nuclear force, to inflict assured destruction against enemy cities.

The sentence that concerned me most in the article was,

“In the past, a nuclear armed Iran could still have been prevented.”

I argue, we still have, limited time, to prevent Iran from being nuclear armed.

The effort will need to be immense and concentrated in a very short period of time, before it really is too late.

I suggest this effort will be well worth trying.

The cost of admitting defeat now, is definitely a nuclear armed Iran, which in this case we would need to consider the following;

To deal with this, Isreel would need an unviable massive increase in military spending to keep the upper hand deterrance against Iran, a cost Israel cannot afford.  As wittnessed by the 300,000 demonstrating in the streets for more spending on social issues, at the obvious expense of the current military budget, without even taking into consideration the huge increase we would need to counter a nuclear armed Iran.

A nuclear armed Iran would lead to a nuclear arms race, with other Arab countries who are also concerned by Irans dominance in the region and would naturally want to protect their own positions in the Arab world.

A real threat of extremists or terrorists getting their hands on nuclear material for a radioactive dirty bomb released in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Also the increase boldness of Iran and their support of terrorism around the world, and knowing full well Israel and the world would be reluctant to take on a nuclear armed Iran.

Due to Iran’s irrational behaviour, the increased chance of them actually using a nuclear weapon against Israel is a real possibility.

So I definitely suggest not to assume Iran cannot be stopped. We must not allow ourselves to admit defeat as the result of this makes a second holocaust a real possibility. 

We would never forgive ourselves for not doing everything in our power to stop this, regardless of how small our chances of success are, we know from our history how large the danger is of not acting.

Richard Wittman is Australian born and is Director of Strategic Development,

for the Knesset Forum on International Relations.

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Former Israeli diplomats in Washington: 1967 borders are defensible – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

I am sick of Israelies putting our security at risk, running overseas and going against Israel’s security positions.
I would love to put them on trial for treason.
1967 borders are not defensible and anybody who thinks otherwise is a fool.
The claim reminds me of the Kapos leading the other Jews to the “showers” in Auschwitz from which not one of 6 million came out
I had to check, it’s not April Fools Day? Or is it?
Unless we are leading a suprise attack, we can’t defend the 1967 lines.
A demilitarized zone like in South Lebanon with the U.N enforcing it, tell our citizens that in Northern Israel.

Former Israeli diplomats in Washington: 1967 borders are defensible – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.

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